Statement on Collection of Personal Data

1. Purpose of collecting and handling personal data

When using the electronic services, or downloading and filling in the electronic forms provided in this website, the user may be required to provide personal information depending on specific service requirements. Such information will only be used to handle applications for payment of claims arising from labour relations in accordance with Law No. 10/2015, and for other statutory procedures carried out to fulfil the Fund's duties.

2. Transfer of personal data

The personal data collected and handled by the Fund may be, depending on the services' needs, transferred to other administrative organs, judicial organs, or private entities, and these organs or entities must comply with the relevant legislation in the processing of personal data.

3. Access and correction of personal data

According to Law No. 8/2005 "Personal Data Protection Act", the user has the right to access and change his/her personal data, through a written request to the Fund, or directly requesting to other administrative organs, judiciary organs, and private entities where the personal data was transferred.

For the user's convenience, some electronic services may also display data submitted in the past, in order to avoid repeating filling the same information to save time. Any outdated information (for example, telephone number) can be updated immediately.

4. Protection for personal data

According to Law No. 8/2005 "Personal Data Protection Act", the administrative body of this website, when dealing with the user's personal data, must take appropriate measures to keep the data confidential and safe until the end of its use or the expiry period of storage, and such data will be then destroyed or sealed.

5. Risks

Personal data transmitted over a public network is at risk of being read or used by a third party without permission. However, the information can be provided to the Fund through other means if the user does not want to take that risk.

6. Links to external websites

This website has hyperlinks to other websites, such as links to local or foreign public bodies or private institutions. When linking to those websites through these hyperlinks, the user leaves this website. The privacy policies of those websites may be different from the Fund's website policy, therefore the Fund is not responsible for the contents or the privacy policies of those websites, thus the user should be aware of such privacy policies in advance.

7. Amendments to the Statement

If there is any amendment to this Statement, the Fund will replace the old version with a new one stating the date of the last update without any further notice.