Related Legislation

Labour Creditor's Rights Protection System

Law No. 10/2015 "Labour Creditor's Rights Protection System"
Administrative Regulation No. 24/2015 "Labour Creditor's Rights Protection Fund"
Administrative Regulation No. 25/2015 "Fixing the Lowest Claim Amount"
Executive Order No. 5/2016 "Delegating the Supervision Competence of the Chief Executive over the Labour Creditor's Rights Protection Fund to the Secretary for Economy and Finance"
Chief Executive's Dispatch No. 535/2015 "Appointment of the Members of the Administrative Committee of the Labour Creditor's Rights Protection Fund"
Decree-law No. 58/93/M "Social Security System"(Article 38 and 39)

Labour Legislation

Law No. 7/2008 "Labour Relations Law"
Law No. 21/2009 "Law for the Employment of Non-resident Workers"
Administrative Regulation No. 8/2010 "Regulation of the Law for the Employment of Non-resident Workers"
Chief Executive's Dispatch No. 88/2010 "Determine the Minimum Hygiene and Living Standards that the Lodgings of Non-resident Workers Must Satisfy, and the Corresponding Minimum Amount Should the Right to Lodgings be Satisfied in Cash"
Decree-law No. 40/95/M "Employees' Compensation Insurance Ordinance"
Law No. 7/2015 "Minimum Wage for Cleaning and Security Employees in the Property Management Services"