Terms of Use and Disclaimer

1. General principle

If the user only browses the website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") of the Labour Creditor's Rights Protection Fund (hereinafter referred to as "Fund") and does not use the software provided in this website to submit applications, the Fund will not record any identifiable data.

2. Types of non-personal data collected

When the user visits this website, the following technical information may automatically be recorded: domain name and IP address, date and time of the visit, webpages browsed, and domain name of hyperlinks used to link to this website. The collection of the above information aims to enable this website to be more suitable for the user. The information collected will never be used to track down the user's identity, unless a malicious access to this website is detected.

3. Use of "cookies"

When the user visits this website to access the electronic services, the software might use "cookies" to store the user's preferences, in order to customize his/her browsing habits for subsequent visits. If the browser enables "cookies" detection, an alert message will be seen each time when the software accesses "cookies".

4. Copyright statement

This website has been set up and is maintained by the Fund. The copyright of all its contents, including texts, images, sound, videos and applications, are property of the Fund and are protected by the relevant legislation of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the international standards on intellectual property rights.

5. Data reproduction and redistribution

All contents on this website, except third parties' information, can be used, including reproduction and redistribution for non-commercial purpose, without the consent of the Fund, but the user must state the source and the date of information collection as well as ensure that the contents copied are complete and accurate. The reproduced contents cannot be treated as an official version or a document recognized by the Fund.

Without written consent and authorization of the Fund, it is forbidden to modify, reproduce or redistribute the contents on this website for commercial purposes of any kind.

This website shows the notices and contents of third parties' copyright, and the user must comply with the relevant provisions.

6. Use of data

The user can make new calculations or compile statistics based on the data published on this website. In case of new data publication, the source must be indicated together with the calculations or the statistical methods used.

7. Disclaimer

The Fund may edit, suspend uploading, revise or delete information on this website at any time without prior notice.

This website has some hyperlinks to other websites or electronic services, only for users' easy access. The Fund is not responsible for those websites or electronic services and will not pay any compensation for damages or losses caused by the use of those websites. Whenever the user accesses any external website through those hyperlinks, it indicates that the user leaves this website and is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of those external websites.

The Fund endeavours to ensure the accuracy and timely updating of all data and contents available on this website, but does not assume any responsibility or pay any compensation for damages arising from the use of such data or contents.

8. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this website

The use of any services provided on this website indicates that the user agrees and is subject to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer as well as the Statement on Collection of Personal Data of this website.

9. Linking to this website

External websites must obtain written consent from the Fund to build direct links to this website through hyperlinks.

10. Amendment to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer

If any amendment occurs to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer, the Fund will replace the old version with a new one stating the date of the last update without any further notice.